The wiki is a comprehensive guide to creating games with the Shoot 'Em Up Kit. New content is added regularly. The main sections are:

Getting Started
A quick guide to creating a first game with the Shoot 'Em Up Kit and a short introduction to the editors

Game Styles
Guides on how to create different styles of Shoot 'Em Up. This includes step-by-step instructions on creating games in the style of Space Invaders; Asteroids; Horizontal and Vertical scrollers; Twin-Stick shooters and more

Guides to creating effects such as splash damage

User Guide
A detailed guide to all the features included in the Shoot 'Em Up Kit

Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials cover getting started and creating different game genres and features. Some of them were created some time ago and the Shoot 'Em Up Kit may look a little different to the current release. The content of these videos is still correct though, despite any visual differences. We will be creating more up-to-date version of these videos and replacing the existing copies and apologise for any inconvenience.